Creation of the Claeyssens Distillery

1817: Creation of the Distillery

It was back in 1817 that Joseph Claeyssens created the Distillery in Wambrechies.

Arrived from Belgium in 1789 fleeing the Brabant revolution, the Claeyssens family bought the watermill of Wambrechies, which was initially used as an oil mill, then turned into a genever distillery, which was far more profitable at the time.

There are many advantages to setting up the distillery in Wambrechies:

  • The Deûle Canal, to bring grains by barge,
  • The watermill, to grind the grain,
  • The water table, which provides pure water in large quantities at low cost,
  • For the farmers, who use the distiller’s grains, i.e. the solid residue of distillations, to feed their livestock.

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