Whisky Brut de fût

Whisky de Wambrechies Brut de Fût

Whisky de Wambrechies brut de fût

Whisky de Wambrechies Brut de Fût

The Whisky de Wambrechies Brut de Fût is a single malt distilled in a traditional still that offers intense and straightforward notes that will delight lovers of whiskies with character. This special edition, casked in 2016, is a "brut de fût" version which means that this whisky has been conditioned to the actual cask strength, without reduction.

Slide genièvre wambrechies

Genièvre de Wambrechies

genièvre de wambrechies

Genièvre de Wambrechies

Its strong, pronounced and warm taste evokes the personality of people from the North. With a lot of character and power, quite dry in the mouth, it can be enjoyed chilled, pure (as an aperitif or digestive) or in cocktails. Genever is also ideal in cooking, to deglaze or flambé strong meat. It also goes very well with Nordic dishes, smoked fish, etc.

Cruchon Loos Carte d'Or de Loos

Cruchon Loos carte d'or de Loos

Genièvre carte Loos cruchon

Cruchon loos carte noire

Presented in a traditional “cruchon gré” bottle, this genever, very long in the mouth, with woody cereal aromas, can be enjoyed moderately chilled (no freezer) pure (as an aperitif or digestif) or in cocktails.

Whisky de Wambrechies 40%

whisky de wambrechies 40%

Whisky de Wambrechies 40%

Whisky de Wambrechies 40%

This 40% single malt whisky is 3 years old and has an amber colour with orange highlights. Its nose is elegant, sweet, with notes of flowers and honey. The palate offers a taste of liquorice and vegetal and floral notes, quite dry in the mouth. To be enjoyed at room temperature.

Gin de wambrechies

Gin de wambrechies

gin wambrechies

Gin de Wambrechies

The slow distillation of this gin perfectly reflects the balance between the power of spices and the tonicity of citrus fruits. On the nose, orange and lemon transport you to tangy flavours, while cinnamon and liquorice invite you to discover exotic notes.

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